For Calisthenics, Fitness-Workouts and Gymnastics

Gymnastic Bars - Pull-up Bars - Horizontal bars

made entirely from V2A-stainless steel

Only direct from german manufacturer

Horizontal bar for pull-ups, 240 cm high
Perfect for pull-ups and fitness exercises / Streetworkout for adults.
Posts made from V2A-material, Cross Section: 80x60x2mm
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Horizontal bar adjustable between 15 and 240cm
Quick adjustment possible without any tools.
Available as a single / double pull-up bar or as an individually designed Calisthenics station.
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Calisthenics Station Dip Buin Duo
Double horizontal bar with dip bars as a corner solution or on the side.
Compact footprint. Post cross section 80x60x3mm

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Layout recommendation, individually customisable
Fitted out with 2 high bars and dip bars.
A human-flag bar, climbing net and sling trainer are also available upon request.

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Family Equipment made from larch wood and stainless steel.
Double high bar with dip bars for mum & dad and a gymnastic bar for children.
Made from a hybrid construction of warm wood and elegant stainless steel.

Layout recommendation, individually customisable
All our equipment can be expanded with Larch wood. A fireman's pole, climbing net and ladder are available upon request.
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Fitness-Station TOLYMP Cross
Streetworkout-station made from stainless steel.
Monkey bar, high bar, barbell rack, rung ladder, dip bars etc.
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Layout recommendation, also individually customisable as a playground, or rather a jungle gym.
For further information visit our TOLYMP-Shop.
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Outdoor fitness equipment according to the DIN EN 16630 for public installation
Individually designed according to client specification.
Developed and manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 16630.
Equipped with horizontal bars, dip bars, gymnastic rings etc.

Sturdy design for long-term use
Our planning service realises your ideas into tangible designs.
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Fitness station for the entire family to use in the garden
Outdoor fitness equipment for public installation.
We plan your equipment in 3D-CAD according to your wishes and manufacture it on site at attractive rates.
We also provide suitable fall protection mats in accordance with DIN EN 1176> as needed.

Sport equipment for the entire family TOLYMP Max
A gymnastic structure for young and old.
Complete with gymnastic rings, REHAPE-Sling trainer, rung ladder, human-flag, climbing net and three pull-up bars.
A great jungle gym for the entire family.

Layout recommendation, individually customisable
DIY-Installation You can find this and many other products in our TOLYMP-Shop.
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Fitness facility made of polished V2A stainless steel

Stainless Steel, lasts for life!

Our bars are completely manufactured from V2A Stainless Steel.

- no paint required
- no discolouration
- no rust

Quality Made in Germany

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Sizes that suit you!

The horizontal bars are adjustable to 25 heights between 15 and 240cm. The posts are provided with boreholes spaced 9 cm apart for this.
Der The diameter is 34 mm, the width 140 cm
Also available as double bar with two pull-up bars or as a free plan Calisthenics-Station if desired.

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Gymnastic bar is multi-adjustable in height
Quick adjustment in height of the horizontal bar without any tools
Quick Adjustment

Leave the tools in the cupboard!

Thanks to the integrated quick adjustment, the pull-up bar on our Calisthenics equipment can be quickly adjusted.
Simply unscrew the bolts, screw the bar with the bolts at the new height and you are done.

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Horizontal bars for children made of larch wood by
...and for your children

The alternative made from Larch and V2A-Stainless steel.

We have been producing high-quality gymnastic equipment from Larch wood for 10 years.
Very popular with children and families.
We are sure that your children will love our gymnastic bars.
This works well as a small playground, or rather a jungle gym, with a compact footprint.
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